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Rav Dovid gives a daily halacha at the Wall Street Synagogue in Lower Manhattan. This series covers Shavuot.
A special message from Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Executive Director of Pidyon.
20 Tevet 5771 | Duration: 1:39
Do we say VaY'chulu on Yom Tov Erev Shabbos? When and why?
5 Sivan 5769 | Duration: 17:05
OC 268:1,7,9,11; MB 268:1,18-19,23
The first fruits were brought to and offered at the Temple with much joy and celebration.
4 Sivan 5769 | Duration: 14:12
Bikurim 1:4-10
First fruits were brought to Jerusalem in a joyous procession.
3 Sivan 5769 | Duration: 16:20
Bikurim 1:1-4
In addition to the two Shavuot loaves, the bringing of first fruits commenced on Shavuot.
28 Iyar 5769 | Duration: 17:09
Ex. 23:19; Num. 18:13; Deu. 26:1-11; Sefer HaChinuch 606
From the breads of Shavuot, we learn important lessons about how we should view the role of work and income in our lives.
27 Iyar 5769 | Duration: 17:16
Sefer HaChinuch 307
An introduction to the "new meal offering" brought on Shavuot.
26 Iyar 5769 | Duration: 15:09
Sefer HaChinuch 307
1 Shevat 5769 | Duration: 7:32
If you skip a pasuk or perek during Hallel, do you need to go back and correct your mistake? If so, how?
1 Kislev 5769 | Duration: 6:36
OC 422:6; MB 422:26-27
We make havdala following Yom Tov, but we don't include the candle or spices. Why?
3 Sivan 5768 | Duration: 15:13
OC 491:1; MB 491:1-2; OC 298:1; MB 298:1
Staying awak all night on Shavuos may compensate for our oversleeping when the Torah was given. Also: handling the morning blessings for those who haven't slept.
1 Sivan 5768 | Duration: 10:26
OC 494:1; MB 494:1
What is an Eruv Tavshilin? When, why, and how do we make an Eruv Tavshilin? Isn't this just a "legal loophole" -- if cooking is forbidden, how does the Eruv help, and if it is permitted, what is the point of the Eruv?
29 Elul 5767 | Duration: 18:43
Ex. 12:16; Pes. 46b
If you are awake all night, does one say Birkot HaTorah the following morning? What if you slept a little? What if you wake up to learn in the middle of the night -- are brachot required prior to learning? Halachah l'ma'aseh for Shavuot.
5 Sivan 5767 | Duration: 15:56
OC 47:12-13; MB 47:28-33
Is Shavuot the time of the giving of Torah or the time of our reciept of Torah? What is the difference?
7 Sivan 5766 | Duration: 9:22
For those who follow the Rama's custom and eat meat after the dairy meal on Shavuot, there are certain rules of kashrus to be aware of.
5 Sivan 5766 | Duration: 9:04
OC 494:3; MB 494:14-16
Torah and Haftara readings, Akdamut, decorating the shul with plants, smelling grasses, and eating dairy.
4 Sivan 5766 | Duration: 15:04
OC 494:1-3; Ex. 34:3; MB 494:2-3,5,10,12
Why do we stay awake all night for Shavuos? What if you get tired?
3 Sivan 5766 | Duration: 13:53
OC 494:1; Ex. 19:16; MB 494:1; Lev. 23:15-17
What did Moshe experience when he rose to the Heavens to receive the Torah? What do we learn from his experience? In this "Lunch and Learn Discussion", Rav Dovid discusses the Talmud's account of Moshe's experience and the many challenging issues it raises.
28 Iyar 5766 | Duration: 43:31
Shabbos 88a-89a
The significance of the special haftara reading for when Rosh Chodesh falls on Sunday; also, the first days of Sivan leading up to Shavuot.
28 Iyar 5766 | Duration: 13:21
Meg. 31a; OC 425:2; I Sam. 20:18; OC 494:3; MB 494:7-8; Ex. 19:1-11
Five central questions of living a Jewish life: What is the Torah? Why did Hashem give it to the Jews? What is the relationship of non-Jews to the Torah? How do we know it is true? If it is true, why do so few people believe it?
28 Iyar 5766 | Duration: 1:00:58
Av.Zar. 2b; Mechilta d'Rebbi Yishmael Parshat Yitro
A walk through the Yom Tov Amidah for Shavuot, based on Kuntres Avodat HaTefilla.
21 Iyar 5766 | Duration: 1:00:29

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