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The Pesach Seder
Rav Dovid gives a daily halacha at the Wall Street Synagogue in Lower Manhattan. This series covers aspects of hilchot Pesach that are specific to the Pesach Seder.
A special message from Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Executive Director of Pidyon.
20 Tevet 5771 | Duration: 1:39
When drinking wine for the four cups, how much wine do I drink?
11 Nissan 5770 | Duration: 16:08
OC 271:11; MB 271:68
Topics for Rosh Chodesh Nissan: standing for hallel on Rosh Chodesh; sitting for hallel at the seder; eating the Afikomen; introduction to libun.
1 Nissan 5769 | Duration: 14:23
OC 422:7; MB 422:28
Why do we eat eggs at the seder? Why is there an egg on the seder plate?
6 Nissan 5768 | Duration: 15:48
Pesachim 10:3; OC 476:2; MB 476:11-12; OC 473:4; MB 473:22-23
Dedicated for a refuah shleimah for Breina bas Frieda.
If you forget to make up for havdala in the second bracha, you have additional opportunities through the meal, the seder, and beyond. Also: washing hands for kiddush.
5 Nissan 5768 | Duration: 14:04
OC 473:1; MB 473:5-9
If you forget to make Havdala in Kiddush, how do you make up for your ommission?
4 Nissan 5768 | Duration: 15:43
OC 473:1; MB 473:4
The Kiddush of Pesach on Motzei Shabbos is special in that it includes both Shehechiyanu and Havdala.
3 Nissan 5768 | Duration: 15:16
OC 473:1; MB 473:1,3
Dedicated as a zechut l'ilui nishmat Shaul ben Chana z"l for a refuah shleimah for Breina bas Frieda.
Choosing whole matzos from among broken matzos is a problem of borrer that presents itself every Pesach.
29 Shevat 5768 | Duration: 4:45
Ch"A Hil. Shabbos 16:14
Does each of the four cups require its own brocha rishona? Brocha achrona? Why or why not?
11 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 14:34
OC 474:1; MB 474:1-5
Are women obligated to drink the four cups of wine? What about the rest of the seder obligations? What is a child's role at the seder?
9 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 14:43
OC 472:14-16; MB 472:44-45,50
The general rule: use the best wine you can afford.
8 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 13:05
OC 472:10-13; MB 472:35-42
Why do we drink four cups of wine? How much wine should you drink?
7 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 13:11
Ex. 6:6-8; OC 472:8-9; MB 472:24-27,34
If one forgets to lean at the seder, is he required to go back, or has he fulfilled his mitzvah nonetheless?
4 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 16:00
OC 472:7; MB 472:20-23
Does a child recline in front of his father to whom he is required to show honor? What about a student in front of his Rabbi?
3 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 13:36
OC 472:5-6; MB 472:14-19
Dedicated for a refuah shleima for Aliza Sali bas Tzipora
Do women lean at the seder? What about mourners?
2 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 8:16
OC 472:4; MB 472:12-13
At the seder, we all lean to the left, even those who are left-handed. Why?
1 Nisan 5767 | Duration: 9:27
OC 472:3; MB 472:9-12
The seder table is set with one's finest of everything. The Maharil would even decorate his seder table with non-kosher plates and cups!
29 Adar 5767 | Duration: 9:07
OC 472:2; MB 472:6-8
We start the seder immediately after dark, in part to make sure the kids are awake.
26 Adar 5767 | Duration: 15:15
OC 472:1; MB 472:1-5; Shaar HaTziun 472:2

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