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Rosh HaShana
Rav Dovid gives a daily halacha at the Wall Street Synagogue in Lower Manhattan. This series includes topics related to Rosh HaShana.
A special message from Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Executive Director of Pidyon.
20 Tevet 5771 | Duration: 1:39
Rav Moshe discusses the timing of the selichos service.
28 Elul 5770 | Duration: 11:38
Igros Moshe OC 2:105
Some thoughts about overcoming the challenging difficulties of our daily selichos during the ten days.
3 Tishrei 5770 | Duration: 2:26
The shofar that will restore the dead to life.
28 Elul 5769 | Duration: 7:09
The Prayers of Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai
The shofar that will herald the coming of Messiah.
27 Elul 5769 | Duration: 10:18
The Prayers of Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai
If Rosh HaShannah is a day of judgement, how is it that we are festive and joyous when facing such an awesome event?
26 Elul 5769 | Duration: 9:51
Tur OC 581
Selichos are all about pleading our case before Hashem.
25 Elul 5769 | Duration: 5:26
Tur OC 581
Why is the month of Elul a time of selichos and shofar?
22 Elul 5769 | Duration: 15:14
Tur OC 581
Do we say VaY'chulu on Yom Tov Erev Shabbos? When and why?
5 Sivan 5769 | Duration: 17:05
OC 268:1,7,9,11; MB 268:1,18-19,23
1 Shevat 5769 | Duration: 7:32
If you skip a pasuk or perek during Hallel, do you need to go back and correct your mistake? If so, how?
1 Kislev 5769 | Duration: 6:36
OC 422:6; MB 422:26-27
On Erev Yom Kippur, selichot are brief, and other sections of shacharit are skipped as well.
9 Tishrei 5769 | Duration: 10:30
A detailed look at the structure and content of the selichot for the 4th of the 10 days of teshuva.
8 Tishrei 5769 | Duration: 14:11
Understanding the structure of selichot enhances our appreciation thereof.
4 Tishrei 5769 | Duration: 5:50
The heart of the selichot service is the recitation of the 13 attributes, as given to Moshe on Mt. Sinai.
26 Elul 5768 | Duration: 10:09
Rosh HaShanah 17b
The halachic implications of the added month in a leap year: Bar Mitzvah, bechor, rentals, mourning, korbanot, and more.
2 Adar II 5768 | Duration: 9:36
OC 55:9; Erchin 31b; Bava Me. 102a; YD 391:2; Shach YD 57:43
During a leap year, just how long is a "year," and what are the halachic implications of the added month?
28 Adar I 5768 | Duration: 15:12
Bava Me. 102a; Lev. 25:30; Deu. 15:20; Erchin 31b; Tosefta Parah 1; Ned. 63a; Shach YD 227:15
What is an Eruv Tavshilin? When, why, and how do we make an Eruv Tavshilin? Isn't this just a "legal loophole" -- if cooking is forbidden, how does the Eruv help, and if it is permitted, what is the point of the Eruv?
29 Elul 5767 | Duration: 18:43
Ex. 12:16; Pes. 46b
Join Rav Dovid for a corporate "Lunch and Learn" discussion on relating to the High Holidays in our modern times. What makes the Yomim Noraim relevant for us today? Is this just a bunch of "New Year's Resolutions" that, like all other such resolutions, will be forgotten within days of Yom Kippur? How should we relate to Rosh HaShanah, and why do these Holidays occur back-to-back on the calendar?
28 Elul 5767 | Duration: 51:47
Also: The Rama encourages us to do teshuva and recommends that we read the Iggeret HaTeshuva of Rabbeinu Yonah each day.
24 Elul 5767 | Duration: 15:36
OC 603:1; MB 603:1-2
Dedicated as a zechut for a refuah shleima for Yeshua Yaakov ben Froma.
Haircuts, clean clothes, mikveh, trips to the cemetery, and tzedakah.
23 Elul 5767 | Duration: 7:28
OC 581:4; MB 581:25-27
The Ba'al HaTurim brings down remez and sod to tell us why we recite selichot prior to Rosh HaShanah.
23 Elul 5767 | Duration: 2:29
Deu. 30:6; Ba'al HaTurim ad.loc.; Ps. 27:13
Selichot should be recited even without a minyan, though the 13 attributes are omitted. All of the Rosh HaShanah prayers -- including selichot -- should be prepared in advance so that they can be recited comfortably in shul. The goal is to focus on davening, not on trying to read the tefilla.
22 Elul 5767 | Duration: 13:48
OC 581:1; MB 581:4; OC 100:1; MB 100:3
Why do selichot always start on Saturday night? Why are selichot said so early in the morning, and without tallis and tefillin? Why does the chazan where a tallis?
21 Elul 5767 | Duration: 12:58
OC 581:1; MB 581:5-7
Why do we recite L'David Ori during the entire month of Elul? And why is the season of teshuva so long?
26 Av 5767 | Duration: 14:07
Siddur HaGra
Customs of Elul: selichot, shofar, and Hashem Ori.
25 Av 5767 | Duration: 11:08
OC 581:1; MB 581:1-3
On the day before Rosh HaShanah, we do not say tachanun nor blow shofar.
28 Elul 5766 | Duration: 2:44
OC 581:3; MB 581:24
Why all the different and repeated shofar blasts? It confuses the Soton.
27 Elul 5766 | Duration: 4:49
Rosh HaShanah 16a
On Rosh HaShanah, all people pass before Hashem for His review and judgement.
26 Elul 5766 | Duration: 5:27
Rosh HaShanah 16a; Rosh HaShanah 18a
The selichos are a sublime petition for forgiveness. Their origin? From the Heavens themselves.
25 Elul 5766 | Duration: 2:27
Rosh HaShanah 17b
Both the chazan and ba'al tokea (shofar blower) must be Torah observant, married, and over age 30.
22 Elul 5766 | Duration: 12:13
OC 581:1; MB 581:2,5,11-13
What is the impact of Teshuva on a Jew's portion of Olam HaBa?
14 Elul 5766 | Duration: 7:36
MT Teshuva 3:5
The Rambam's famous understanding of the call of the shofar -- "Awake, sleepers, from your slumber!"
13 Elul 5766 | Duration: 13:37
MT Teshuva 3:4-5
In memory of Chaya Sarah bas Micha'el HaLevi on the occasion of her yahrzeit.
The books are open: the Book of Life for the righteous and the Book of Death for the wicked; the rest of us hang in the balance.
12 Elul 5766 | Duration: 11:42
MT Teshuva 3:3-4; Rosh HaShanah 16b
Dedicated for a refuah shleimah for Mori v'Rabi, HaRav Shlomo Yitzchak ben Elka, shlit"a.
We should always see ourselves as half guilty, half innocent -- one more aveira and our sentence will be sealed.
8 Elul 5766 | Duration: 10:54
MT Teshuva 3:1-2
Dedicated by Ronald and Marion Stein l'ilui nishmat Hinde bas Hersh on the occasion of her yahrzeit.
We begin blowing the shofar daily from Rosh Chodesh Elul. Why all the different sounds?
1 Elul 5766 | Duration: 7:17
OC 581:1; MB 581:3; MT Shofar 1:1
What makes Elul such an auspicious time for reconciling ourselves with Hashem?
30 Av 5766 | Duration: 9:16
OC 581:1; MB 581 - Introduction
Given as a zechus for a refuah shleima for Ariella Rivkah bas Devora Pessel.
Hear the call of the Shofar
1 Elul 5755 | Duration: 0:27

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